Chapter 2 has changed the entire way in which I perceive films and television. The concept that the audience is not the consumer, but rather the product really changed the way I think about entertainment. Ted Koppel made the point that television only exists for the commercials that are put in between shows, and shows are just the bait to lure people in. I have really thought about how much his point made sense. Commercial “breaks” can sometimes last five minutes at a time, and the TV watcher only sees a 45 minute show rather than an hour one. Many people even watch the super bowl only for the commercials and don’t even care about the game. This was the most interesting part of the chapter for me. Another thought was about perception of Hollywood. Many shows only portray the skinny, tall, and unrealistically beautiful women in shows. In other cultures, being a little bigger is beautiful. I want to know if there will ever be a way for our culture to adapt and to have more examples of the realistic women like Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Kathy Bates, etc. It is staggering to hear that by the time girls reach age 7, 40% of them are on diets, and 78% of girls hate their bodies by age 17 (p. 13).
I had a little bit of a problem realizing that I do the third person effect often. I notice the product placement and ads so I don’t think I’ll be effected by them. Since I am short I have never yearned to be like the model or actress I saw on TV. Then I really think about why I “had” to spend that fifty dollars on a cute shirt I saw at Express or Victoria’s Secret. I’m sure that there are similar clothes I could have found at Target or Walmart for half the price. The fashion and the style that I have is because they remind me of the styles I have seen in film, magazines, and television. I think the outfits they wear are elegant or stylish and I want to be like them in a way. I know stores like Express and Coach are overpriced, but I still find a way to justify buying their products. Everyone is effected by the images that are constantly being thrown at us. It just might take a while to realize it.