This chapter was very useful because it emphasized how important nonverbal communication is, and I will definitely need to work on mine for my future career. My thoughts are always swarming with projects, papers, and things I need to accomplish for the day or week. I am often in my own little world and I do miss people saying hi to me at times. I would hate for people to think that I was ignoring them on purpose or that I was a snob when I was not trying to come off that way. My facial expressions also give away what I am thinking a lot of the time and I know that I will need to work on that for the future. Many times when a person says something less intelligent than they are capable of, my face instantly responds before my brain can tell it not to. I want to be a manager or a leader in a business and I need employees to be comfortable in talking to me. It is impossible to do that if my face is conveying that I think their idea is stupid or not worth my time.

            Communication is irreversible. This is very important because I know that I will always need to be aware of what I am going to say in the workplace. It is impossible to take back what has already been said to someone, and many people forget about that when they lose their anger and blurt out something hurtful that comes to mind. That is why I always thought it was so ridiculous in courtrooms for the judge to tell the jury to forget something they heard. That is not possible to do, even in a courtroom.

            Another important thing to remember is that communication does not occur as soon as a message is sent out. The person who was supposed to receive the message might not hear it, read it, or even know there is an important message in their junk e-mail. It is also important to not send the same message out repeatedly. In the movie “Office Space” the main character has three different bosses telling him the same information. It is overkill for him and the character starts to think his job is a waste of time because even his bosses have nothing better to do. I know that in a workplace it can be a challenge to find the perfect balance to making sure people are getting the necessary information.